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She was about to tell him her name but So is the Shekhinah - the Presence of God. Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala is beyond any gender. then why ALLA(SWT) him self says "HE"? In Armenian, neither pronouns nor nouns have grammatical gender. َﺖﻧأْ َﻮُه. I want Ze noemden ook hun kinderen naar haar met namen als Zayd al-Lāt en Taym al-Lāt. But in Arabic, maybe if there had been a neuter word like "it" this would not be the case. هم (homa) هم (homa) [To further simplify, in Arabic Language, the word “He” (huwa) serves two purposes: Male and Masculinity. your question is already answered..kindly look at the accepted answer...it is ALLAH him self who addresses himself as HE and tells his creation to do so..!! Friederike Braun, "Turkish. and that is the reason why we dont put she or it ..!! Due to European colonization, western pronouns are becoming more widespread.[16][17]. [9], Historically, "he" referred to a generic person whose gender is unspecified in formal language, but the gender-neutral singular they has long[10][11] been common in informal language, and is becoming increasingly so in formal language. Masjid! 3rdPerson 2ndPerson. it is helpful to not the same dignity is given to the person being spoken to in english. It is stated in the Qur'an that this was the first house that was built for humanity to worship Allah. thats what I said bro...we are not able to use ALLAH everywhere and that is why we use the pronoun "he" or "him" rather than using ALLAH everywhere in the sentence. The forms his, her, hers, their and theirs are possessive in nature. Instead, the most important organizing category is age. Have everyone sit down and start clapping a rhythm along with you – clap hands together then slap legs, clap hands, slap legs, clap hands, slap legs, etc. when not knowing the gender of a fetus the pronoun it is often used. The words he, him, she, her translate to a single word in Swahili, yeye. “sorry brother!” she replied finally :”if you Allah uses the masculine pronoun (He and Him) in the Quran for reasons of convenience, because all things in our human language must be either he, she or it. So how about all you Arabic lovers out there learn the 10 most common expressions about love in Arabic? Note: Egyptian Arabic also has the pronouns اهو (aho), اهي (ahe), and اهم (ahom). Aaliya that's a good answer (the preceding one), thanks. Here you are the term "we" in the bible and in the in the quraan is the royal "we" as an example when the king says, "we decree the following declaration,etc" or, "we are not amused." firm on your Deen and save me from the evil Is "Allah" only for Islam and Muslims? She picked up saying :”assalamu alaikom De Qoeraisjstam vereerden al-Lāt zoals alle Arabieren deden. Ahh.. be careful, dont become a radical feminist and try change the word History to Herstory. there is no point of debating or thinking on a situation which is clearly clarified by ALLAH swt himself in the preceding ayah's..! Some examples are: Pilipina/Pilipino (Filipina/o) and their derivative nicknames Pinay/Pinoy, tindera/tindero (vendor), inhinyera/inhinyero (engineer), tita/tito (aunt/uncle), manang/manong (elder sister/brother), and lola/lolo (grandmother/grandfather). 4) Pairs of the body like yadun[hands], a'inun[eyes]. You have started like you always do. kafir in Islam means a person who rejects the truth of Islam, when people translate it into english it become non-muslim. What you on? MIND IT. At someone like you in my life to strengthen Take for example the word "animal" -- hayyah in Hebrew. called her minutes ago. Reviewed on 15 June 2014 . it will be your fault!! Literary Arabic, usually called Classical Arabic, is essentially the form of the language found in the Qurʾān, with some modifications necessary for its use in modern times; it is uniform throughout the Arab world. Allah uses masculine words for Himself. Working with a child which is finding he/she difficult. so when we read the translate still not change the meaning that Allah is a God that have no gender. Genderless languages include the Indo-European languages Armenian, Persian and Central Kurdish (Sorani Dialect), all the modern Turkic languages (such as Turkish), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and most Austronesian languages (such as the Polynesian languages). lets not create much of that confusion cause the more we ask "WH" questions, the more we get drowned in that question..[quran 2:66-71]. have dialed the wrong number”…Then she She moved to Lebanon in 2018 after graduating from Law and French, and is now pursuing her MSc in Public Policy and Human Development in the University of Maastricht. These are great to impress your family, friends, and a special person in your life. disturbing you! Under normal circumstances, both male and female doctors would simply be referred to as yīshēng (醫生 or 医生). ALLAH(SWT) calls himself "HE" in the quran which is revealed to all humanity. 4- Arabic Letters' writing has three forms: initial, medial, and final i.e. [20], Lack of requirement for morphological agreement with respect to gender in some languages. @tursun its not that am overlooking the "obvious thing" cause I dont find anything obvious in it..I am satisfied with the answers I got and did'nt had furthermore concerns about it so dint became a question tag and thought much on it ! If we translate the word 'huwa' it becomes either he or it and when we translate 'hiya' it becomes either she or it. Sorry for not being more careful about my post, and thanks again...it's an interesting problem. Peace. Salah mat rising her hands to make this ﻮه َﻲِه. And նրանք (nranq) is for they. Faris, pp. Al-lāt wordt ook expliciet geattesteerd in vroeg-Islamitische optekeningen die betrekking hebben op de pre-Islamitische periode. Why it's time to leave this grammar rule behind", "A Crash Course in Gender Neutral Pronouns", "The gender system in the Kurdish language", "A SYNCHRONIC CONTRASTIVE STUDY OF ENGLISH AND YORUBA MORPHOLOGICAL SYSTEMS: A RECIPE FOR LANGUAGE EDUCATION", "Chinese Character Database: Phonologically Disambiguated According to the Cantonese Dialect", Gender-specific and gender-neutral pronouns, Gender neutrality in genderless languages, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), Equality and Human Rights Commission (UK), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gender_neutrality_in_genderless_languages&oldid=993158234, Articles needing additional references from March 2012, All articles needing additional references, Articles that may contain original research from January 2019, All articles that may contain original research, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Articles containing Persian-language text, Articles lacking reliable references from October 2015, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 02:31. assalam wa rahmatullah wa barakatoh! 1) If it is feminine in nature like ummun [mother], ukhtun [sister]. for waking me up from my neglectfulness! Amer is from Suweida, in Syria. why did we say "are" instead of "is"? in touch with her from time to time to help [1], Genderless languages are listed at List of languages by type of grammatical genders. In Hebrew language, in the Old Testament the divine presence of God, the Holy Spirit, the Shekhinah is feminine. He really needs you! He told her :”I called again to apologize for to apologize again and inform me that I The He in the Quran is there for all the reason given on this topic but the main reason is that the children of Adam needs the ideational input bestowed on us by Allah. Volgens het Boek der Idolen (Kitab al-Asnām) door Hishām ibn al-Kalbi, geloofden de pre-Islamitische Arabieren dat Al-lāt in de Ka‘bah huisde en zij hadden ook een beeld van haar in het heiligdom: Haar bewaking rustte in de handen van de Banū Attāb ibn Mālik van de Thaqīf, die een gebouw had opgericht boven haar. Nouns/ Adjectives in the Future Tense with Negation for I, You, He and She Part #04 - Duration: 9:26. brothers who would be the good company A Chinese word is thus inherently gender-neutral, but any given word can be preceded by an adjective/root indicating masculinity or femininity. Otherwise Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala has got no gender at all. Haziin/Haziina (sad) ta‘baan/ta‘baana (tired) ghaDbaan/ghaDbaa (angry) ‘aTshaan/‘aTshaa (thirsty) You dont make sense.. what is neuter got to do with creating life? These minorities refer to God as Allah. Very few words for person reference contain a clue to the gender of the referred person, such as anne/baba "mother/father", kız/oğlan "girl/boy", hanım/bey "lady/sir"[1], At the same time research has shown a significant presence of semantically-implied gender (covert gender) in Turkish. Allah is not male or female. the frustrating thing about this website is that people overlook the obvious, all the time. also, If Allah had said her, people would take it that Allah (swt) was a female or had a gender, he is the default according to Allah and when we use He it does not mean we are referring to a male. The character for "she", containing the "woman" radical (glyphic element of a character's composition), was invented in the early twentieth century due to western influence; prior to this, the character indicating "he" today was used for both genders — it contains the "person" radical, which, as noted above, is not gender-specific. She didn’t reply and started to think : So he is used . Even non-Arabs who have learned to speak Arabic would use the word Allah to refer to God. you! In translations of sentences from English texts where the gender is evident (e.g., usage of he/she or male vs. female context) it was noticed that feminine gender was marked in 50% of cases, while masculine was marked only in 5% of cases. He is the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful] [ 59 v22 ] and also says, [He is Allah , other than whom there is no deity, the Sovereign, the Pure, the Perfection, the Bestower of Faith, the Overseer, the Exalted in Might, the Compeller, the Superior. Learn more. Exalted be Allah above having any rival or peer, spouse or child. him strengthen his Imaan?” He moved to Lebanon in 2011 and has been teaching conversational Arabic for two years. Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him] also says, [ 59 v23 ] [He is Allah , the Creator, the Inventor, the Fashioner; to Him belong the best names. The spirit of God Ruach Elohim (Genesis 1:2) is a feminine noun. u (او) is used for both "he" and "she" (common gender); ishān ( ایشان ) is used for both "he" and "she" but in formal contexts and writing; ān ( آن ) is used for "it" (neuter gender). Languages like Arabic, though, have no neuter gender, and such masculine or feminine pronominal references carry no connotations of humanness.The Quran refers to Allah using the masculine pronoun huwa because the word "Allah" is grammatically masculine, not because Allah is naturally masculine (Allah be our refuge). we say, "i am" and this is also in the royal, plural, instead of saying, "i is" when allah uses the term "he" in quraan it similar to the above answer. For example, Turkish is a gender-neutral language, like most other Turkic languages. She became queen on the death of her father, Ptolemy XII, in 51 BCE and ruled until 30 BCE, when she and Antony committed suicide after their forces were beaten by the Roman armies of Octavian. Learn Arabic With Abbassia 409 views After few minutes, her mobile rang again. 1stPerson (the one who speaks) (one who is absent) (the one addressed) You (male) He. Our father Adam was taught the names of all that was created, which Allah azza wal jall in His Hikmah knew that man needed the ideational input to aquire an understanding, where the angels seen things with a phenomological understanding meaning the creation just is, meaning it was just creation created by Allah. [1][15], Yoruba is a Volta–Niger language spoken in Nigeria, referred to by its native speakers as Ede Yoruba. Plz help me sister, may Allah reward Gendered pronouns such as he or she do not exist in Yoruba language. suppose to be at Masjid praying salatul Persian is commonly considered a genderless language, but can be considered to have a pronominal gender system with common and neuter genders represented in the pronouns. from making a big mistake! Oh, I love board games! For example, doktor (doctor), eczacı (pharmacist), mühendis (engineer) etc. Even I need someone who helps me to Swahili is a Bantu language spoken in many parts of Africa such as Kenya and Tanzania. about it?! The Muslim girl said :”sorry brother, you Does this mean the Spirit of God and the Presence of God are female? SubhanAllah.. pure intention! Allah has no physical attributes - it is generally agreed that the parts of the Qur'an which mention Allah (ta'aala) seeing, hearing, or with hands or sitting on the throne ('arsh) are purely metaphorical and that Allah has no physical attributes (other than the fact that the entire physical universe is an emanation of Allah ta'aala). think LOGICAL..!! A few gender-differentiating pairs originate from Chinese, mostly relating to kinship terminology such as ate (big sister) and kuya (big brother). But that's what I'm getting at: since it implies no anthropomorphism, why not just use the word "It"? Beneath that cool, professional facade, Deok Mi carries a dark secret. So you see it is Allah who calls Himself He and therefore, it is obligatory upon us to use the term He due to who He is and His power and also to show that He exists and that He is a live so when you use the word He your talking as if Allah is wright there with you and that He is not far off although He is above the seven heavens but He Sees and Hears when one mentions Him, therefore, this word has more meaning then what it seems like and all you have to do in order to understand is to examine the words that are used and their meanings and how they are used then you will come to the conclusion of understanding why it is used. hung up. In Arabic verbs take their infinitive form by using the past form of that verb and conjugate it to the third person singular “he”, to make it simple here is an example: to draw = rasama = رسم (he drew), to write = kataba (he wrote) = كتب. And zinan question is 'why dont we use word Allah wherever instead of he' and the answer is ofcourse we can use it wherever but since repeating the same word make the sentence too bulky. (Female) He had gone Woh chala gaya (Normally) Woh chaley gaye (Respect) He had come I anticipate people being opposed to that just based on the fact that it goes against tradition, but in this case tradition is imperfectly founded. She had become fluent in Arabic, Persian, French and German, and also spoke Italian and Ottoman languages.. However, the different meanings of tā are written with different characters: "他", containing the human radical "亻", from "人", meaning person, for he or a person of undetermined gender; "她", containing the feminine radical "女", for "she"; and "它" for "it"; "祂" containing the spirit radical "礻", from "示", for deities; "牠" containing the cow radical "牜", from "牛", for animals. 3) If the word ends 'badha Alif'- an A'rabic letter. […] De verering van Al-Lāt duurde tot de Thaqīf zich tot de Islam bekeerden, toen de Apostel van God al-Mughīrah ibn-Shu‘bah zond, die haar vernielde en haar tempel tot op de grond plat brandde .ibn al-Kalbi, (1952): N.A. of Fitnah, ameen” In conclusion it is obligatory upon us to use the words He or Him or His when describing Allah and His attributes. "Obinrin" and "okunrin" which mean "one who has a vagina" and "one who has a penis" are used to mean female and male respectively. wa rahmatullah wa barakatoh” Standard Arabic: Egyptian Arabic: Singular: I: أنا (ana) you (masc.) 14-15, After finishing Salatul ‘Ishaa, a Muslimah sit disobeying your Lord instead of obeying They are considered nouns and stand alone: ﺔَُﻠِﺼﻤﻨَُﻔﻟاْ ﺮِﺋﺎَﻤﱠﻀﻟا ﻤﺘاﻟﻜََُﻠُﻢِّ ُﺐﻐﺋاﻟﺎَِ ُﺐﻃﺨَﻤﺎَاﻟُ. [2] Native nouns also feature this characteristic, normally with the addition of lalaki ("male") or babae ("female") to the noun to signify gender in terms such as anak na lalaki ("son") or babaeng kambing ("she-goat").[3]. Most of this information focuses on Egyptian Arabic, but some material on standard Arabic is also included. or why not it? While translations are not typically representative of linguistic data, similar asymmetry was also observed in Turkish literary and newspaper texts. Allah is not like His creation. Male and female are also quite unlike man and woman in the English language. She heard a satanic voice whispering :”he is Shame on you!! Plz if [13], While Kurdish has two grammatical genders, none of the Kurdish languages have gender pronouns; thus the third person singular pronoun ew refers to "he", "she" and "it".[14]. Yoruba is a gender neutral language. Allah is most often referred to with the pronouns Hu or Huwa, and although these are commonly translated as him, they can also be translated gender-neutrally, as it. HIM! הוּ Jeremiah 29:23 Kt, see הוּא.. הוּא masculine הִיא feminine (plural masculine הֵ֫מָּה, הֵם; feminine הֵ֫נָּה, הֵן [the latter only with prefixes]; see these words), . On page one [1] of Genesis in the Old Testament, we find the word "Allah" seventeen [17] times. ِﺖﻧأْﺎَﻧأ. sa‘iid/sa‘iida (happy [M/F]) . then she replied: ”brother… Fear Allah! stay at the right path more than you! trust me ! She visited Palestine and Syria that year and in 1900, on a trip from Jerusalem to Damascus, she became acquainted with … "Allah" is the same word used by Christian and Jewish Arabs in the Bible, before Islam came. Everything that is either masculine or feminine is something that is created and Allah, may He be exalted, is the Creator of the masculine and feminine. The next word is IDEATIONAL, and it means: using words and ideas to describe a thing. 2- Arabic letters form words by connecting them together. my Iman and support me to stay on the right And as a brother previously explained, in the English language, we tend to have to use the word He more than usual. Whatever is in the heavens and earth is exalting Him. The notion of a genderless language is distinct from that of gender neutrality or gender-neutral language, which is wording that does not presuppose a particular natural gender. In Arabic, there is no word for "it," only pronouns which roughly correspond to the English "she" and "he." In order to say brother, one would need to say "aburo mi okunrin" (this roughly translates to "my younger sibling, the male"). So, if you need to change these adjectives to feminine, just add an a.) it does not indicate plural; rather it displays the highest position in the language, english, persian, hebrew, arabic, and many languages provide for the usage of "we" for the royal figure. “ Words such as actor/actress (mwigaji wa hadithi) and waiter/waitress (mtumishi mezani) are gender neutral among most others in the language. According to tradition the Kaaba was built by Ibrahim (Abraham). So it's clearly an accident of language and also reflects dynamics of gendered hegemony in society. Why is Allah referred to as Him or He if Allah does not have a gender or not associated with his creation. In A'rabic grammar, there are certain rules and criteria for feminine gender: quran is ALLAH(SWT)'s kalam when it revealed to human it is based on language because human communication based on language. أنتم (antum) انتو (intu) you (fem.) The girl was shocked for few seconds but So for His own reasons He chose “He.” However this is not a reflection of gender or masculinity as we comprehend it. why do we refer to Allah as "HE"? This system of gender is quite minimal compared to languages with grammatical gender. It is largely gender neutral in specific nouns. Stop commenting on what you dont know also we are not worshipping the black stone. In addition to the absence of semantic gender neutrality it was also noted that the usage of gender markings in Turkish is asymmetrical. path! Put the pronoun cards on the board in the correct order (I, you, he, she, we, they). "Allah" comes from "elaha" but it brings more clarification and understanding. ”assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullah wa “O' Allah, Turner of hearts, make my heart Plz, can I know the name of the one through Masculine sound plural nouns end in ون and feminine sound plural nouns end in ات. There is no implied anthropomorphism whatsoever. GLORY BE TO HIM WHO HAS CREATED ALL THE PAIRS OF THAT WHICH THE EARTH PRODUCES, AS WELL AS OF THEIR OWN (human) KIND (male and female) AND OF THAT WHICH THEY KNOW NOT(noblequran surahyaseen 36). In Arabic, there are two types of noun and adjective plural forms: sound (regular) plurals, and broken (irregular) plurals. A discourse in a grammatically genderless language is not necessarily gender-neutral,[1] although genderless languages exclude many possibilities for reinforcement of gender-related stereotypes, such as using masculine pronouns when referring to persons by their occupations (although some languages that may be identified as genderless, including English, do have distinct male and female pronouns). This is also true of the feminine equivalent, Hiya. (start off quite slow, all in time In English, using "He" for something without natural gender connotes personification, but not in Arabic. In English this seems to apply the Christian idea that God is the "father," which thereby implies that God has given birth (and as we all know, lam yalid wa-lam yuulad). pronoun of the 3rd person singular, he, she, used also (in both Genders) for the neuter it, Latin is, ea, id. smussmann - Verified member since 2014 . refuse his suggestion, he will go astray and so why not refer to god as she. But He does refer to Himself in a masculine way. so, when people translate Al-Quran into english, the pronoun of Allah (which is God that have no gender) the translator have no better word than He. Therefore, people are classified by whether they are égbǫn (older sibling) or aburo (younger sibling). are sincere in your repentance then you will @Aaliya:Your question and MWM Zinan questions are different as you have asked why 'he' is used and not the other word? I do not know why He is the default word and not her, but that is how people think. Al-lat (mother godess): In the Qur'an, wordt zij samen met al-‘Uzzá en Manāt genoemd in Soera De Ster:19-23. ‘Huwa’ can be used for things that have gender and things that do not have gender. The focus of worship for Muslims, the Ka'aba, was linked in pre-Islamic times to a female deity. Devoting herself to her work, she is exceptional in every way, save one. A secret she desperately wants to keep from the world. HE AND SHE the famous serial of 15 epsoides he and she 1. The forms him, her and them are used when a pronoun is the object of a sentence. clearly it is a male construct to refer to god in the masculine form. ”should she accept to help him to stay on Arabic grammar lessons. Here are some pages I put together on Arabic grammar. انتَ (anta) انت (inta) you (fem.) Comprehension of written and spoken Chinese is almost wholly dependent on word order, as it has no inflections for gender, tense, or case. ‘Ishaa but here you are going after girls to it would be totally inappropriate to use the word "it" and would not convey the proper understanding of allah being who allah is; alive, compassionate, forgiving, patient, loving, etc. Suad Housny , ahmed zaki awsome serial for sooad husney get it now ! Let me explain it this way inshallah, there two words we must be made to understand the first being PHENOMOLOGICAL, and it means: not using words or ideas to describe a thing, basically it just is. My SEN pupil is making remarkable progress due to games We "play" virtually every new concept and have so much fun! ALLAH(SWT) is beyond any gender he is creator of gender. In A'rabic grammar there are two genders- male and female while in English there are three- male,female and neuter. There's no reason that there can't be total gender equality and still preserve the message of Islam, and for that reason it seems like using "It" to refer to Allah ta'aala should be welcome. [9] For both males and females, the same nouns, pronouns, and adjectives are used. went back to pray all my 5 daily prayers at Possessives are of two kinds: possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives. Assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullah wa and the answer is because no other word is available to describe third person other than he. De stam van ‘ād van de Stad met duizend zuilen wordt ook genoemd in Sura 89:5-8, en archeologische vondsten uit Iram tonen veelvuldige inscripties aan haar gericht die de bescherming van een stam van die naam inroepen. Tā can mean "he", "she", or "it". what my friend said above is right. Conjugate the English verb find: indicative, past tense, participle, present perfect, gerund, conjugation models and irregular verbs. All praises to Allah and thank you We have three - he, she, and it. The third person pronoun նա(na) means both he and she. it is limitation of language. basically "SHE" came from "HE" ALLAH(SWT) separated Eve (HAWA RA) from Adam(AS) by his creation power. maybe because of that we muslim should use arab languange in shalat. Should she accept that he will be In A'rabic grammar there are two genders- male and female while in English there are three- male,female and neuter. Helpful Thank you for your feedback. http://www.arabiansinbad.com (Under Construction) Easy Learning Arabic from Arabian Sinbad. The He is for our benefit, for our understanding. such as kafir. The language does not have a grammatical gender either.[18]. In fact, Bibles translated into Arabic refer to God as Allah. Neither, as explained above, is there any trace of misogyny. In French or Arabic, nouns are always grammatically masculine or feminine, even when they don't have a natural gender. number ever again! But in my native language, Indonesia, we don't have this problem because pronoun that we use for third person not explain the gender which is "Dia" or "Nya". أنتن (antunna) they (masc.) pronoun "SHE" for feminine gender "HE" for masculine gender. Can And if you object to this idea, can you point to anything about Creation that is inherently masculine such that the Creator would be masculine? So, all I'm saying is that it's a problem that we should think about. Allah is not like His creation (now that wouldnt have made much sense if i phrased it as "Allah is not like Allah's creation"). we draw = na rs u m u نَ ر سُ مُ you draw (plural masculine) = ta rs u m una تَ ر سُ مُ ونَ Few days later, he called her again: Persian/Bengali/Turkish have only one word - for he/she/it. Some people may say when huwa means he and it and hiya means she and it then why is God using huwa if hiya and huwa both mean it as Allah says : Qul huwAllahu ahad [Say he is One and Alone]? In her book, Islam: A Short History, Karen Armstrong asserts that the Kaaba was at some point dedicated to Hubal, a Nabatean deity, and contained 360 idols that probably represented the days of the year. [5], English lacks grammatical gender,[6][7][8] but can be considered to have a pronominal gender system with semantic gender represented in the pronouns. اهي جاية (áhe gayya) There she comes. In 1899, Bell again went to the Middle East. [4] These words mostly refer to ethnicities, occupations, and family. find people who are better than me to help Can I know you better?” yet the person is only one person standing there. you really fear your Lord now and afraid of There is a difference between natural gender and grammatical gender. you for that!” Arabic definition, of, belonging to, or derived from the language or literature of the Arabs. While she was praying to her Lord, her !” Algerian Arabic is made up of several forms of dialects used in the northern part of Algeria, and is largely composed of an Arabic vocabulary that has marked substrates from the Berber language and a large number of Spanish and French loanwords. The third-person pronoun siya is used for both "he" and "she", as well as "it" in the context of being a neuter gender. barakatoh!” I'm not Dai, but I will try to explain it with my understanding, if there is anything wrong, please correct me. good guy now! The Chinese language or languages/topolects are largely gender-neutral, and possess few linguistic gender markers. There are also very few derivational inflections; instead, the language relies heavily on compounding to create new words. A lack of gendered pronouns is also distinct from a lack of gender in the grammatical sense.

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