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108 likes. Make a note of the name somewhere, and soon it’ll be familiar. Another unusual carnivorous plant is the Tropical Pitcher plant, also known as Monkey Cups. Whether you’re buying a little treat for yourself, something for the amateur urban gardener or the hardcore allotment grower, we have dozens of different options for you to choose from. Don't forget that the delivery costs are more economically viable if your order weight is near 10kg (30x9cm or 5x2L plants). This is a ‘species’ Canna ‘Warszewieczii’ at Dicksonia Rare Plants. Create a centrepiece in your home and garden with your favourite plants and flowers. That doesn’t mean you’re a terrible gardener. For a comprehensive selection of Acers visit our website at Paramount Plants. It’s at the entrance to Dicksonia Rare Plants and people always ask ‘What’s that?’. 'Myers' Asparagus Fern - Foxtail fern - Evergreen and easy care plant - Great for growing in planters and baskets - Stunning symmetrical look - Spring flowering and autumn berries provide year round interest - Delicate and soft needle style leaves - Easy care plant - An unusual yet wonderful plant for gardens, containers and hanging planters. They grow in areas with nitrogen-poor soil … Unusual plants are for unusual people – enthusiasts and experimental gardeners. Edrom Nursery specialises in a range of plants which will grow in our climate here in South East Scotland, we try to grow plants which could be considered rare or unusual. Stephen thinks that it’s unlikely to become popular with such an unprounceable name. Our ranges of Violets and Old Fashioned Pinks (Dianthus) and Heritage Primulas are among the biggest available in the UK and we sell many other exciting plants too. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We have unusual plants like Dicksonia Antarctica and we are now one of the main suppliers to the retail public of these tree ferns. Thank you, and I too will be going to more rare plant fairs in future. For example, I fell in love with a Viburnum opulus ‘Notcutts Variety’ outside Dicksonia Rare Plants. It’s the most ancient plant on earth, and comes from the time of the dinosaurs. The plants need a fairly long growing period and only begin growing their red, white, pink, and other coloured tubers in the autumn. Plants from all over the world are available at the nursery such as Feijoa from New Zealand, Yucca Rostrata from mexico, and the Wollemi Pine one of the world’s oldest and rarest trees. #Planters & #Pots used in different way. If you prefer to watch a video rather than read a blog, you can hear what Stephen says about buying unusual plants here. Unusual Plants The Beth Chatto Gardens Catalogue white unusual large pottery pedastal plant stand . When I first had a tiny garden in London, I went to a nursery (which shall remain nameless). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. With our range of unusual plants, you need search no more. To find out more see our. Unlike Garden Centres we don’t only sell varieties that look good in the pot during the spring and summer but prefer instead to bring you a wide selection of plants for all seasons, colour for all spaces large or small, and some really interesting and unusual ones so that you can really show off and have a garden that looks good not just in spring but throughout the year. This is probably one of the most interesting looking vegetables, with its intricate spiral … This board proves you can make a planter out of anything! Plus I just think it is more fun. Alpine … Rare and Unusual Hardy Plants - Catalogue. The UK's Leading Specialists For Mature Trees & Shrubs. Not all the plants you buy will survive. There are a huge number of plants that are getting quite rare because they don’t look good in pots when you buy them,’ says Stephen. CB Plants is a traditional nursery selling unusual hardy perennials and herbs, cottage garden favourites and native wild flowers. Would you believe that this is a member of the pine family? Top 12 easy exotic looking plants for growing in the UK. giraldii ‘Profusion’ giraldii ‘Profusion’ is underused shrub whose violet … Stephen stocks the less common varieties of well known plants, such as variegated Fatsia and interesting versions of Viburnum opulus and Pieris, along with many more. Shrubs - Ardisia japonica Houkan, Ardisia japonica Ito Fulurin,Cytisus battenderii, Daphne bholua seedlings, Limpsfield, Daphne laurola phillipi, pontica and Rebecca, Embothrium longifolium, Hydrangeas Garden House Beauty, aspera Sargentiana, villosa and quercifolia, Zelkova serrata Variegata. He also says that plant diversity is being lost because just a few varieties of some popular plants are being wholesaled  in large quantities into garden centres. Many of these are from China and Japan but we supply plants from all over the world. It doesn’t look at all like a pine, and Stephen thinks that his may be the only one in a commercial plant nursery in Australia. This blog has made me rethink that view. The wooden boards in the background are Kauri pine, while the plant is a Wollemi pine. I’ve always been wary of Rare Plant Fairs thinking that I don’t want rare plants, I want common ones which will fit in seamlessly with all the other plants. Painting your shed transforms your garden. Stephen’s rarest is a kauri pine called Agathis montana from New Caledonia. Unusual plants start a conversation. Order online today. Agathis montana is a genuinely rare plant. I completely agree. We try to offer you the more unusual plants that are not generally available at your Garden Centre. Rare does not of course mean that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Most plant growers are not like Mr Grumpy. Paramount Plants and Gardens has always been pleased to introduce plants which are not found common place in garden centres. We are the manufacturers of the Unique Pot Toppers for the control of weeds and liverwort on commercial container grown Nursery stock We are also distributors for the following manufacturers Desch Plantpak - growers/nurseries thermoformed & injection moulded plastic pots, marketing/transport trays, shuttle trays, plug trays, printed pots, 27cm hanging baskets, planters & pot covers. Most sell online now, or you can justify a little trip away to visit them.

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