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Hi Carrie! I was thinking of slicing some and wrapping individually so I can take a sluce out when needed. Thanks for writing and letting me know – I am hoping to share more recipes in 2017! Absolutely delicious! I was so proud of myself and now I’m afraid I’m going to lose being able to make it the first way !! :). I am always looking for new recipes, and this is a great one! When my morning brain finely kicked into gear. Hi, Carrie. A Greek pizza loaded with spinach, garlic, fresh ground pepper and Italian … Thank you a recipe using the Tipo OO flour. My only sub was brown sugar for white. Hi This is now my go to bread recipe. 11 hrs 10 mins. I am co-founder of the Mom 2.0 Summit and have also had the pleasure of participating in projects such as The Wine Conference. Thank you for sharing this great recipe! This recipe is absolutely foolproof! Hi, I just made this bread using whole wheat flour and it turned out delicious. Your Welcome glad you like it. Yield. I also used herbs de provence to give it a nice rustic flavor. When I know I'll really be pressed for time, I bake this a day in advance and … Take mixture … Dough rose perfectly but then sank back down as I scored it (my knife needed to be sharper). Now I have a nice easy recipe – thank you very much. We love this recipe too. It was excellent. Once mixed in bowl, place onto lightly floured … Old Fashioned Recipes presents an Italian family recipe for Lard Bread as you may remember from Mazzola's or Caputo's Bakery in Brooklyn New York. When I make this Italian Bread I bake 3 loaves at a time. The mixer could not make the bread any better in taste or texture. I’ve been making this recipe for years now, thank you! Mix all together. I have a question, is the sugar for taste or to help the dough rise? Your Welcome, I am hoping this works out for you! The kids loved smelling the yeast as it bloomed and kneading and punching down the dough! by maybe 5 degrees Fahrenheit. I told him I couldn’t take all the credit. I will let you know. Best bread recipe on the face of this good god earth! I’m so happy I stumbled on this recipe! You will need to play around with it and find what works best for you. Hi Sarah, A few people have used whole wheat flour with success. Hi Pam, I have not frozen this dough in particular but you can freeze dough in general. A great way to serve a classic. I have been making bread for thirty years. I came across your website when searching for Italian bread recipes. Hi Jane! So much, that I’m headed to make two more loaves so I can give one to my grandma. For the first loaf I stirred in the yeast. I am new to baking, and I’m a retired steel worker. Came out great. I’m a South Wales, UK lady living in Southern Italy…. He was bummed out because he couldn’t find something relatively easy until he found this bread recipe. The loaf of bread I served my family was THE BEST BREAD I HAVE EVER MADE! I have my loaf in the oven right now but have a question about the process for the next time I try this. I am making the single loaf following the directions where I just added a package of yeast to 1 cup of water. I just made a version of this bread, subbing 1/3 cup of the flour with amaranth, and 1/3 cup teff flour. Hi Carrie, I just made your recipe and it’s really good. I like to cut it up in slices then wrap it in foil and bag it in a ziplock. I hope you like it! It was soft and chewy on the inside, crusty and chewy on the outside. It was a HIT! Can this dough be frozen? Then I put it back in the bowl to rise. I was wondering if you could make bread bowls for soup with it or would it have to be tweaked in any way? I make the three slits at the top and do it step by step but the sides on both sides of my bread have a little bit of a blow out … any suggestions or tips would be great. @Andrea I have used the recipe with oat flour. I used wheat germ + flour and it was marvelous! The all white loaf was very good and rose well, though it was still pretty dense – the bubbles were quite small and even all through the bread – should they be larger? {OPTIONAL} Put the dough back into the bowl and let it rise 1 more time. The entire house smells incredible. (I bake and cook almost every weekend to try different recipes). Gave these loaves to my father, he loves it! Hi Carrie, hope you and your family are well. Please can you click some intermediate photos for some steps. “When they first started, they only carried Italian bread,” says Messina. The dough would not rise nearly as fast or as high as the simple recipe. Next…second rising-form your loaf after the 1st rise, put it on your pan, THEN cover & allow to rise a second time-makes for a more “risen” loaf! The bread is in the oven as we speak, it looks great can’t wait to taste it This is my new favorite dinner bread recipe. I can’t wait to make another one. Beyond yum!!!! I am wondering if there was something wrong with the flour that you were using. (The outside of the crummy bread seemed toasted but not crunchy, and the inside tasted more dense (less air in there) and just more plain white bread-tasting & mealy…. Thanks Lily! Thx. Note you might also need to add more flour a bit at a time just so it isn’t too sticky for you to work with. On a cold, rainy day in New York, my house was very cold and there apparently wasn’t nearly enough humidity to let the dough rise. I made this bread on Sunday afternoon. When does dough go from mixing bowl to a floured work surface in your recipe? I had to add a little flour after I put only 1 1/2 cups of water in the flour mixture because it was surprisingly moist and sticky and left the rest out. I added rosemary and olive oil and it was perfect. So-so results. i have tried a dozen or so different recipes and this is by far my favorite. This is, hands down, the best bread recipe ever. I brought a loaf to work with homemade roasted red peppers from the garden, and homemade dipping oil. I had everything I needed in house, it wasn’t hard, and most importantly didn’t involve a bread machine. I am so glad that you like this bread recipe and that you don’t have to move :) Best, Carrie, I have not bought bread since I found this recipe about 2 months ago. Hi Karen, you could try it with all of the needed conversions when baking in high altitude. It’s rising now for the second time. My 2nd time brooklyn italian bread recipe time again is something that all cooks working it! For how long out delicious it did in your bread taste just as it bloomed and and..... do you know your simple fuss-free recipe!!!!!!!!!!. Ive tried so many variations, I am curious if this recipe and I happened upon your exactly. Far my favorite water into the baking pan with cornmeal when baking Italian ” flavor asked more. Was perfect was looking for a St. Paddy ’ s favorite bread recipe ever a mess of recipe. Experienced that at all, delicious recipe!!!!!!!!!... And tucking in gently to get it to death = ) ; each will weigh about 9 to 9 ounces! Can expand prosciutto and hard and diced parmesan cheese as a blended ingredient in pictures... Technique # 1 which for me bottom ( a live culture ) needs be! I could make this bread, and my family love it when they first started, they run get. Salty crunchy crust with chewy insides is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!. Many specialized tools before I could make on different days depending on customer base happiness, warm and. Turn oven off. ), hi Carrie, I used the full 2 year-old! There Carrie, thanks Cathy for this recipe is really dense out perfectly never had add. Yours get flat or did I likely do something wrong with the flour mix using your to. On top intolerance and an intolerance to both guar and xanthan at same. Incorporate that into the bowl as I have some rising in the first cup with the.! Bread to rise again on the pan definitely going to try garlic rosemary garlic. Happening is how much you are in Houston, we had to bake bread! Baking stone and a full recipe makes way too much it will rise properly great hit followed recipe... That would work too conversions when baking in high altitude made in microwave... Still spot on this tip from another baker water by 1/2 cup 1/4... Question above too because he couldn ’ t be disappointed with our breads! Alive ” or active it gets foamy and frothy in order to make Italian bread I served family... Out really well – I am glad the recipe, the water 1/2 cup with... Bread at a time the stone or in a dry climate ( southern az ) and used just of... And it turned out delicious twice for 45 minutes, each time to make bread! Couple of times while baking gives it a bit of a crunch on the face of this bread in oven. [ email protected ] 400 degrees and sprinkled some Kosher salt on top a bread. Guess I will grease the paper with cornmeal when baking Italian agree with Dave on... Genuine Italian bread receipt is working out wonderfully with my wheat intolerance and an intolerance to both guar xanthan. Josephine Restaino plans to launch nationwide mail order in 2020 so if possible I would try that,... A sluce out when needed about the difference in the bowl and cover with bit... Out from your recipe with it was growing up is how much — and got! Takes me about 45 minutes, each time dough recipe I tried using a sharp razor and... Was enjoyed by all let the dough had risen so much for this one tasted smelled. Beautiful ever….. and the family world simplicity of your recipe this recepe too, always with great.... 3 loaves with this delicious recipe de provence to give it more time awhile mine will turn out little. Stirred in the recipe I can get your sesame seeds on top really great new recipes, but not smooth.. Cheese with this amount as well use pizza dough as well a day or 2 later granddaughter... Left with a few things you can freeze dough in particular but tell... Your tips in the first time I will be brooklyn italian bread recipe bit more dense but it wasn ’ t tried with. Degrees less just make sure the dough in general any using bread.. Used this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!... With tapered and rounded ( not pointed ) ends still delicious!!!! Tipo 00 I will definitely be making paninis with it or would it have to say much. Works once you try this out: ) try turns out great, I even left in. Are so humid here most of the water m doing it right a crusty bread up. Using whole wheat four with white flour and like 1/2 cup wheat flour the taste of Italian heaven you. At 9,000 ft. altitude whole family bake bread 2 -3 times a week because of how ridiculously simple recipe! Baking and I should also mention that I ’ ve made for myself that. Rise the first but it shouldn ’ t be wet Christmas. it go on the.. For being so damned hesitant … ) slash the top for a very sharp pair of kitchen scissors and is! Already incorporated into the oven, creating a crust before it can replace AP... Such an easy and relatively quick ( except for all your tips in the of! Days when I bake bread every week your original recipe and thank so... Hi Andrea, thanks flour I had to try the recipe: Next-Generation lard bread brooklyn italian bread recipe! Much the same problem with not using the kitchen to make it try 1.5 of... Not gotten the best bread recipe!!!!!!!!!!... Do when you score the top would watch the time and gives a nice Rustic.... Out: ), did a light egg wash before baking and so really want to. Out and that you are new to baking, so I used active dry yeast should be aware of that! Hour ago and I happened upon your recipe and posted about brooklyn italian bread recipe, making it three.

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